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            The sole and legal owner of the Website, Website content and legal rights, parts, and other similar things has Ali Fuat SARI. The intellectual rights of the Photographs, Video and Films, data, text, ideas, information, signs, images, brands, designs, marks, slogans, banners, and all other similar content on this page and similar intellectual properties, software, programs, page layout, and the presentation of this Website belong to Ali Fuat SARI. Without prior written consent from Ali Fuat SARI, it is strictly forbidden to completely or partially copy, distribute, duplicate, change, share, send or download the data, information, software codes, database, and ant intellectual property right, including but not limited to website design on the Website or Website extensions. Vakko reserves the right to begin, follow, continue and conclude a legal process against any individuals acting against the above-mentioned prohibition according to all national and international regulations, including the provisions of 5846 Law of Intellectual Property Rights.

Ali Fuat SARI

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