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1. Definitions

This Distance Sales Contract (the "Contract")

The definitions and abbreviations below will express the meanings shown opposite them.


Title: Sedef Photography and Advertising Services San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Address: Yenipazar Mah. S. Sabit İshakoğlu Cad. 101 / A Cayeli, Rize

Telephone: 0464 5326280 - 0 543 3254025




Goods / Product: The type and type, amount, color, sales price including all taxes, payment method and similar matters, the goods / products specified in the product / product introduction page on the website and the invoice that is considered an integral part of this Agreement,


Website: Ali Fuat SARI has all legal rights,


2. Subject of the Agreement

The subject of this Agreement is the provisions of the Law No. 4077 on the Protection of Consumers and the Regulation on Distance Contracts regarding the purchase of goods and products that can be sold by Ali Fuat Sarı on the website from the website of Ali Fuat Sarı by the Buyer. It is the determination of the rights and obligations of the parties.


3. Cost and Payment

The payment of the price for the goods / products subject to the order is made by collecting it in one or in installments according to the buyer's preference from the bank / credit card, whose information is provided electronically by the Buyer. If the approval cannot be obtained from the credit / debit cards center of the banks, the purchase will be deemed not realized.


4. Delivery

The goods / products subject to the order shall be submitted to the Buyer or to the person who is authorized by the Buyer or to his permanent employee, provided that they submit a photo and official identity document; It will be delivered to the address defined by the Buyer during the user registration on the website or during the order, within 11 working days at the latest, with the cargo / courier cost to be covered by the Buyer. This period may be extended by Ali Fuat Sarı for a maximum of ten days, provided that the Buyer is notified in advance in writing or by e-mail. Due to the fact that the persons authorized by the Buyer do not accept to receive the goods / products and the address specified in the order form in the electronic environment and the user registration is not given correctly or completely, or the change has not been notified by the Buyer, etc. Ali Fuat Sarı is not responsible for any delays that may arise.


5. Right of Withdrawal

The Buyer will be able to withdraw from the sale with a written notification to be delivered to Ali Fuat Sarı in return for signature, provided that he / she has not used the product / product subject to the order within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of digital approval of the order for the sale subject to this contract. According to this article, the Buyer who sends a withdrawal notice must send the original invoice delivered to him together with the withdrawal notification and / or within the same 14-day period (if the invoice of the product to be returned is issued on behalf of the institution, it must be sent with the return invoice issued by the institution when returning it. Order returns will not be completed unless the RETURN INVOICE is issued) and the undamaged product packaging will be returned to Ali Fuat Sarı. If the original invoice (return invoice in corporate sales) is not sent, VAT and other legal obligations, if any, cannot be refunded. In this case, Ali Fuat Sarı will return the sales price paid by the Buyer up to that point to the Buyer, without any interest, within 10 (ten) days from the date of receipt of the withdrawal notice to Ali Fuat Sarı, excluding legal interruptions, if any. . The refund to the Buyer is made by depositing the commission to the same credit card account, if any, after deducting the commission deduction for the credit card, shipping cost and / or other expenses. Since the reflection of this amount to the Buyer's accounts after the return to the bank is entirely related to the bank transaction process, the Buyer will not be able to intervene in any way to Ali Fuat Sarı for possible delays and it will take longer to reflect the amount returned to the credit card by the bank to the Buyer account by the bank. He already admits that it may take time.


6. Cases Where the Right of Withdrawal Cannot Be Exercised

c can not use the right of withdrawal in the presence of the following matters.

a. Contracts for goods or services whose prices vary depending on fluctuations in financial markets and are not under the control of the seller or supplier.

b. Contracts for goods prepared in line with the consumer's wishes or personal needs, special production prints.

c. Of the goods whose protective elements such as packaging, tape, seal, package have been opened after delivery; Contracts for the delivery of those whose return is not suitable for health and hygiene.

D. Contracts for goods that are mixed with other products after delivery and cannot be separated by nature.

to. Contracts for books, digital content and computer consumables provided in the material environment if the protective elements such as packaging, tape, seal, package are opened after the delivery of the goods.

f. Contracts for the delivery of periodicals or non-periodicals, such as books, other than those provided under the subscription agreement.

g. Contracts for services performed instantly in electronic environment or for intangible goods delivered immediately to the consumer.

j. Contracts for services started with the approval of the consumer before the right of withdrawal expires.


The consumer will be responsible for the changes and deteriorations that occur if the product is used contrary to its operation, technical specifications and usage instructions during the withdrawal period.


7. General Provisions

1. Ali Fuat Sarı is responsible for the delivery of the contracted good / product in a sound, complete manner and in accordance with the qualifications specified in the order. The buyer will inspect the contractual good / product before receiving it; crushed, broken, torn package, etc. will not receive the damaged and defective goods / products from the cargo / courier officer. The received good / product will be deemed to be undamaged and intact. Careful protection of the goods / products after delivery belongs to the Buyer. If the right of withdrawal is to be exercised, the product / product should not be used in any way, the packaging of the packaged goods / products should not be destroyed and in this case, the invoice and product packaging prepared by Ali Fuat Sarı will be returned.

2. Ali Fuat Sarı will notify the Buyer by e-mail that he will not be able to fulfill the obligations under the order and this Contract in case the delivery of the goods / product subject to the order becomes impossible, by notifying the Buyer by e-mail before the delivery obligation expires, a different product of equal quality and price to the Buyer. can supply.

3. For the delivery of the item / product subject to the order, the price must be paid by the Buyer's preferred payment method (bank credit card single payment or installment, cash on delivery or Money Order Eft, any of the Swift methods). If, for any reason, the price of the product / product is not paid or is canceled in the bank records, Ali Fuat Sarı is deemed to be free from the obligation to deliver the goods / product without any procedure.

4. The name, surname, title, address and contact information and similar information specified by the Buyer when registering the user on the website and / or creating an order electronically on the website will be taken as the basis of the Buyer information regarding this Agreement. Buyer is exclusively responsible for the accuracy and validity of all information.

5. The Buyer shall use the address and / or e-mail address and telephone numbers specified while registering the user on the website or creating the order by Ali Fuat Sarı or its supporters or sponsors for promotional and information purposes; allows you to send any kind of content related to its activities, exhibitions, galleries, cafe, store, studio, etc. sections or products, or any kind of promotion or support and sponsorships of Ali Fuat Sarı.


8. Notification

The address given by the Buyer in the electronic order and / or while registering the user on the website is the legal notification address. The buyer, the name, address, etc. related to him. must notify Ali Fuat SARI of information changes in writing. For the notifications and submissions to be made to the Buyer by Ali Fuat Sarı, the address and / or e-mail address specified in the electronic order and / or user registration will be used. Changes to the recipient contact information, if not notified in writing to Ali Fuat Sarı, delay, loss, not reaching, etc. Ali Fuat Sarı will not be held responsible in such cases and the notifications and sendings to the addresses included in the order in the electronic environment will be deemed to have been legally delivered / notified to the Buyer.

Ali Fuat Sarı is not responsible for any delays caused by the fact that all kinds of notifications and deliveries made to the Buyer, due to external factors such as postal delays and losses, or that the Buyer does not reach the Buyer on time or at all.


9. Authority

In case of conflict, the laws of the Republic of Turkey are applied and the competent court is the Rize (Central) Courts and Enforcement Offices. In terms of the complaints and objections of the Buyer, within the monetary limits determined by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in December every year, applications can be made to the Arbitration Committee for Consumer Problems or to the Consumer Courts in the place where the Buyer and Ali Fuat Sarı is located.

Receiver; In accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Consumers No. 4077 and the Regulation on Distance Contracts, it has received all the preliminary information such as the properties of the product / product subject to sale, the sale price, and has generally been informed about the right of withdrawal, delivery, and confirms these preliminary information electronically; By approving the order and this Agreement electronically, it accepts the order conditions, the Distance Sales Agreement and accepts, declares and undertakes that the invoice issued by Ali Fuat Sarı is an integral part of this Agreement.


Ali Fuat SARI

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